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I Help Middle Class Dads Achieve A Work/Life Balance.

About Me.

Hello everyone! I'm Phil. I'm in the exciting stage of launching my own online business, a venture that will give me the freedom to break away from the grueling 12-hour shifts, pick my work hours, run errands when I please, and most importantly, have more quality time with my family.

Where I Started and Why I Started

Let me tell you, the struggle was real. Between the job, daily commute, household tasks after work, and attempting to get some shut-eye, there was barely any space left for things I actually enjoy - spending moments with family, playing with my dogs, gaming, and working out in my garage, just to mention a few.

This lifestyle took a toll on my body and mind. On top of that, I had to slog on the night shift for eight years. Here's a reality check - when you come home, the family's sleeping.

You're lucky if you catch a glimpse of your kids when they return from school; otherwise, it's a long wait until the weekend, that's if you're fortunate enough to get one. The day shifts were out of reach due to seniority rules.

Everything reached a tipping point last October when I decided to quit. During the first break, I walked out, drove straight to the HR office, and handed in my badge. Yes, I decided to quit and was prepared to end my life that day with a 9mm pistol I had bought earlier.

My departure caused a flurry of concerned calls from friends, bosses, and my labor rep. I was told that HR refused to process my resignation, and I was to return to work the following day. Upon my return, I was sent off to the local mental hospital for an "assessment."

Though the stay was an inconvenience to my loved ones, who had to take up my responsibilities, I emerged from the experience determined to change my life.

I finally got the chance to move to day shifts, but it was no better than nights. I woke up when everyone else was sleeping and came back home exhausted. I had to sleep earlier than the rest of my family.

The game-changer was an ad I came across on YouTube. Jeff Lerner made me realize that it was time for a change. And boy, am I glad I took the leap! I haven't looked back since.

So, why am I sharing this? Well, if you can relate to any part of my story, you too might be yearning for a change, a way out of a job that feels like a never-ending nightmare.

Maybe it's more time for yourself, your family, your pets, whatever your reason might be. If you're here, then it's clear you're not satisfied with the way things are.

Click on the link below and see if Jeff can bring a transformation in your life, just like he did in mine

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